Homeopathy confronted with physics

Alain Bonnier, Ph.D. physics
A study presented in September 2017 by the Scientific Council of the
European Academies of Sciences concluded that there was no solid and
reproducible proof of the effectiveness of homeopathic products. And
that the scientific claims of homeopathy are implausible and incompatible
with the established concepts of chemistry and physics.
The article "Homeopathy confronted with physics" reinforces this conclusion by showing
(a) why quantum physics cannot be invoked to explain homeopathy,
(b) why the homeopathic processes of succussion and dilution have the effect of erasing information instead of memorizing some message and
(c) why there are no molecules of the active ingredient left beyond 12 CH and therefore no longer any physical effect either.

After two centuries of pseudoscientific wandering, hasn't the time
come to bury homeopathy at the graveyard of hypotheses refuted by
the facts?
Note : This article has been submitted for publication to The International Journal of Homeopathy in August 2022.
The author would have liked to thank The International Journal of Homeopathy for the intellectual honesty and courage it would have shown in accepting to
publish this article which so openly condemns homeopathy but unfortunately the editor refused to publish it on the pretext that "the manuscript has not gone deep enough in the related area"...
But fortunately, you now have the chance to get it for free!
For the full text (13 pages in PDF format), click on the link below.